What Keeps Us Together? (Biologically Speaking)

Tweet Amid all the high-minded and sweet sentiments, it’s always helpful to brush up on the actual biology and neuroscience behind the whole relationship thing. Scientists have been picking at brains and bodies of lovers for generations, trying to distill (for one reason or another) the whys and wherefores of romance and lust. What they’ve […]

Why Fall In Love?

Tweet A few weeks ago, I wrote a post that touched on my concept and practice of unconditional Love. That prompted my friend Sarah to ask: If there are no conditions, what is the basis for falling in love in the first place? Really, that’s a darn good question. One that hopeless romantics like myself […]

The Music of Love

Tweet Just the other week, there was an article that pointed to a study making the claim that listening to romantic music (love songs) increases a person’s predisposition to entertain romantic thoughts and accept romantic advances. I don’t find the idea all that outlandish. In fact, it makes plenty of good sense to me. Now […]

Men & Women: Breaking Up

Tweet There was an article that ran last week on ABC.com’s health section. It said, in part: Research shows that women have a harder time coping with a breakup, but the guys are the ones who feel more stress and strain when the relationship hits a rough patch, researchers found. On the upside, men also […]

Balanced Views

Tweet While I’m still collecting some feedback and shuffling around my own ideas about how (or if) I should rearrange my seven types of crushes, I dug back through my archives of bookmarked articles and found a neat one from Psychology Today. The basic idea of this article by Pepper Schwartz, is that there’s a […]

5 Tools to Pin Down Who You Are Now

Tweet No matter how well we think we know ourselves, there’s always more to learn. We are, after all, constantly growing and changing due to the experiences and thoughts we have. In this blog, I advocate using your crushes to learn about yourself. Before you can effectively do that, you need a solid starting point. […]

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