Three Spheres of Attraction

Tweet When it comes to relationships, there are many things that can attract us to someone else. All of those things can be sorted into three distinct groups, or spheres. Some may fall into more than one, for we are complex creatures and our relationships reflect that, but that just gives us more ways of […]

Where did you learn how to be in a relationship?

Tweet Just something quick this week as there’s a lot going on around here. Over the last week or so, I’ve been pondering where we learn how to be in a relationship. Be it with specific others, romantic, platonic, with ourselves, or with the world in general. In part, the wondering was inspired by reading […]

Being Mindful of Who You Are

Tweet Not to get all new agey on you, but I’ve found that this really helps in a lot of situations. One of the core precepts of Buddhism is mindfulness. Mindfulness is tuning in and paying attention to who and where you are right now. It anchors you in the present moment. Now, it’s not […]

The More You Talk About It, The Better It Gets

Tweet One of the points I mentioned in my last post, about how to make it through tough times, was to tell your story. This is, by far, the thing I’ve found works best for me and many people I know. There are a couple more in-depth “tricks”–things that make the difference between just whining […]

Groundhog Day!

Tweet Back in 1993, there was a little film called Groundhog Day. In it, Bill Murray plays Phil, a weatherman sent to good old Punxsutawney, PA, to cover the festivities. He’s none too happy about it and just wants to get it over with and go home… but finds himself living the same day over […]

Learn to Be Alone

Tweet Before you can have a truly deep and meaningful relationship with others, you have to cultivate one with yourself. A big part of that is learning to be alone, comfortably–to enjoy your own company and not rely on the constant hum and sputter of the world at large to keep you from getting to […]

Bring It To The Table

Tweet In some of the things you’ll read here, I talk about balance and equality in relationships. Even if what the individuals involved are contributing different things to the relationship, those contributions should be equitable. If one is putting in a lot more than the other, that can throw off the balance of a relationship […]

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