What Keeps Us Together? (Biologically Speaking)

Tweet Amid all the high-minded and sweet sentiments, it’s always helpful to brush up on the actual biology and neuroscience behind the whole relationship thing. Scientists have been picking at brains and bodies of lovers for generations, trying to distill (for one reason or another) the whys and wherefores of romance and lust. What they’ve […]

The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Tweet We’re less than two weeks out from one of the biggest “relationship” holidays there is. As far back as the 17th century, giving cards was the thing to do. But, as technology improved and mass produced cards became more available (and there was an ability to easily send things anonymously through the mail), things […]

How Do I Feel About Valentine’s Day?

Tweet Once upon a time, the answer would have been, unabashedly, that I hate Valentine’s Day. For many years that was my stance on the saccharine-sweet, commerce-created, sap-fest that happens every February 14th. Of course, that’s when I was single and bitter about it… so… yeah. As years have passed since those dark and lonely […]

It Starts (Or Ends) With a Kiss

Tweet If you watch TV like I do, you’ve seen a whole lot of milestone kisses. Each and every one of them touched something in the viewing public. All of them captivated the audience, usually after teasing them for weeks, months, or years. Real life isn’t that much different. The first kiss, the last kiss, […]

Historical Fiction

Tweet All of our past is viewed through the filter of our present. That filter is imperfect. Memories fade and change in unknown ways. They blend together and are reinterpreted every time we visit them. Through repitition, some bits become more vivid than other–regardless of their accuracy. This is all doubly true when our emotional […]

Hump Day Crush: That First Valentine’s Day Heartbreak

Tweet She was the new girl that year and I was immediately smitten. Swarthy skin, long black hair and dark eyes with such a spark in them… Of course, I had no conscious appreciation for such things it being thrid grade and all. The fact remains that my stomach got all fluttery when she’d look […]

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