What Keeps Us Together? (Biologically Speaking)

Tweet Amid all the high-minded and sweet sentiments, it’s always helpful to brush up on the actual biology and neuroscience behind the whole relationship thing. Scientists have been picking at brains and bodies of lovers for generations, trying to distill (for one reason or another) the whys and wherefores of romance and lust. What they’ve […]

The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Tweet We’re less than two weeks out from one of the biggest “relationship” holidays there is. As far back as the 17th century, giving cards was the thing to do. But, as technology improved and mass produced cards became more available (and there was an ability to easily send things anonymously through the mail), things […]

How Do I Feel About Valentine’s Day?

Tweet Once upon a time, the answer would have been, unabashedly, that I hate Valentine’s Day. For many years that was my stance on the saccharine-sweet, commerce-created, sap-fest that happens every February 14th. Of course, that’s when I was single and bitter about it… so… yeah. As years have passed since those dark and lonely […]

Video: Head Over Heels

Tweet Yet another little bit of animation that leaves me feeling… odd. Much like the one I posted last week (Crater Face), I can get a lot of different messages from this one. How about you? Fast Tube by Casper

Something to Think About

Tweet I came across this little animated short the other day and found it kind of cute and sweet. At least at first. Now I’m not so sure. I think it’s prompted some deep musings. But before I share mine, I want to hear yours. From a relationship perspective, what do you think of this […]

Why Fall In Love?

Tweet A few weeks ago, I wrote a post that touched on my concept and practice of unconditional Love. That prompted my friend Sarah to ask: If there are no conditions, what is the basis for falling in love in the first place? Really, that’s a darn good question. One that hopeless romantics like myself […]

New Month, New Topic, You Decide

Tweet Of course, I have no idea what that topic should be! My pile of not-quite-finished posts and musings taunts me regularly. I check the clock every night and realize that, just as my brain is spinning up to writing mode, I need to be spinning it down into that holding pattern known as “sleep” […]

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