Gearing Up for Valentine’s Day

Tweet Right, it’s been a while since there’s been a proper update here. Sorry about that. As I mentioned a while back in a post on my other blog, things have been a bit chaotic lately for me. But now I want to try to kick a little more life into things around here, at […]

Rock Your Life – A Special Opportunity

Tweet This is a deal you’re going to want to jump on. As I mentioned in my last post, last year I was lucky enough to get in on the Only 72 sale that focused on online business. What I learned from that set of ebooks–and the people they connected me with–has been invaluable. This […]

Coming up Soon: Making Yourself Better

Tweet Last year I stumbled upon a pretty awesome sale that was going on. One of the email lists I was on posted a link to a place that was selling a couple dozen ebooks by a bunch of different authors, all about running online businesses and such. With minimal thought, I payed out the […]

Site Update

Tweet Over the last few weeks, I’ve been tweaking some things here at How to Crush Without Being Crushed. You may have noticed a new comment system in place. If you haven’t yet, pop over to your favorite post and let me know what you think of it (both the post and the comment system). […]

Some Site News

Tweet I know things have been a bit quiet here during the summer. I’ve been revamping a bunch of things both in my online presence and in my “real world” life. One thing that you’ll notice here is that I’ve changed up the comments system. I’m now using the Disqus service in the hopes that […]

New Things…

Tweet Some site news for your Monday. WordPress (the content management system that runs the site) just released it’s newest version, 3.0, last week. I’ve upgraded and I’m taking some time to play with some of the new options. So far, pretty neat stuff (most of it invisible to those of you who only […]

New Month

Tweet Well, managed to make it through all of March without seriously missing any post days. The last couple have been a little on the late side, but they’re there and I’ve got some things mostly done for the future. The Month Gone By If you missed it, you may want to go back and […]

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