Coming up Soon: Making Yourself Better

Last year I stumbled upon a pretty awesome sale that was going on.

One of the email lists I was on posted a link to a place that was selling a couple dozen ebooks by a bunch of different authors, all about running online businesses and such.

With minimal thought, I payed out the money–getting a hefty discount for a lot of great content that really helped me a lot over the past year.

Well, there’s another sale coming up. This time, the deal is over $1000 worth of content for $97. Bunches of ebooks from 29 different authors all focusing on different ways you can make yourself better.

Looking to eat better? There’s at least one for that. Decluttering your mental and physical life? Yep. Overcoming various fears? In there.

Really, looking at the preview list I got my hands on, I know that when the sale kicks off at noon on Monday (June 20), I will again, without question, be dropping some cash and getting way more than my money’s worth.

And because I know you’re looking to make yourselves better, I’m going to share that link with you.

So, keep an eye on this site.

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