New Things…

Some site news for your Monday.

WordPress (the content management system that runs the site) just released it’s newest version, 3.0, last week. I’ve upgraded and I’m taking some time to play with some of the new options. So far, pretty neat stuff (most of it invisible to those of you who only see the front end of things, but for others who run their own blogs, useful things, indeed). If anything glitches up, let me apologize in advance… it’s probably from me fiddling with things. If something’s not working, drop me a note or just wander away for a few minutes and come back later.

In the ongoing effort to get some more eyeballs here, I’ve added a few things to the front end.

First, you may notice that new toolbar across the bottom of your browser when you’re on the site. (If it’s your first time here since I turned it on the other week, it’ll even pop up a little message announcing itself.) That’s from a company called Wibiya and has a whole host of neat buttons that I now don’t have to include in the site design. Useful? You tell me.

Second, I’ve just turned on a fan page over on FaceBook. Along with that, I’ve enabled a few modules on the site’s back end that (once I get them all running properly–a wee bit trickier than I thought it would be, or maybe I just need more sleep before I tinker with this stuff) will keep that fan page up to date with info from the site and allow all of you who have FB accounts to log in over here and more easily comment and share things.

Third, I’m working on a new design for the site. This is probably still some time off as I am not at all a designer. I’ve got some vague ideas of what I’m looking for, but I’m open to suggestions–or offers of theme design services. I’m not even close to making any money on this site (yet), so I can’t actually hire someone to do it… so it may be a while before it’s all in place. But, if someday you drop by and things look really different, well, I’ve been successful and hopefully you’ll like it.

July is quickly approaching and I want it to be jam-packed with new and worthwhile content (especially since I’m aiming to get so many new people browsing through here). If what I’ve been writing resonates with you, help me tune it a little more. (And if everything I write just kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth, thanks for continuing to come back, but realize you’re probably not going to benefit from the main purpose of this site.)

There are a few other things on the horizon–including an international connection or two. Exciting things that are still in very formative stages… so I can’t say much more than that.

Mostly, I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who comes through here and to encourage you to share your favorite articles with your friends and point anyone you think may need it to the site.

Little by little, we can build a community that uses the Grown Up Crush to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

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