Facing Your Negative Self

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Your Negative SelfWe all have within us both positive and negative aspects. Hopes and fears, likes and dislikes, things we love about ourselves, things we hate about ourselves.

It’s the friction between all of these opposing ideas that keeps our lives interesting, but also can make it very difficult at times. Some of the most difficult times we run into come when the negative things within us rise up and blot out almost everything else.

The Obsessive Crush has its roots in our negative aspects. Our blind spots about ourselves are often crafted by our subconscious fears about what we may find if we were to look in those places. Any number of minor anxieties and bad habits can be traced back to negative bits inside of ourselves.

I’ve written about this before within a more metaphysical context on one of my other sites. Over the next few posts, I’m going to explore it in the more specific context of crushes, relationships, and personal growth. I’ll touch on (among other things) the part fear plays in our decisions, how learned bad behaviors override our more positive inclinations, why good people do bad things, and, ultimately, some tips on how to deal with your negative self so you can live a more positive life.

If you’ve got any specific questions or want to share any personal stories about how negativity has gotten in the way of your relationships (either with yourself or others, romantic or platonic), drop me a line via the contact form.

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