Choices and Consequences

One of the hazards of taking action is having to deal with the consequences.

Of course, there are also consequences for not taking any action.

That’s something many often forget–there’s no avoiding consequences.

Things are going to go on in the world around you whether or not you actively take part and, without fail, some of them will have effects that spill into your little world, no matter how much you try to wall yourself up.

So if consequences are unavoidable, why not take some control of your life and actively choose what you bring in to your life?

There are very few things you have full control over. One of those things is your own reaction to the actions of others and the consequences of your prior actions.

You can see the positive, or the negative. You can choose what you learn from any given situation. You can choose to own the consequences or to try to shift the blame on to others.

If you’re feeling powerless in your relationships or like a slave to your crushes, start to change that by taking small actions, by choosing to see the more positive aspects of yourself and your situation.

That’s not to say that you should rose-color a bad situation. Instead, see the bad for what it is–an incentive to take more decisive action.

Learn to say “No”–to others and, perhaps more importantly, to yourself.

Learn to say “Yes”–choosing to face your fears and move into territory that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable can be very inspiring. It can also open up many new possibilities.

In your crushes, make lists of both the positive and negatives. Everything is multi-faceted. If you can’t see any bad–or any good–in a given crush, realize that you’re not seeing clearly.

In your relationships, know that you always have the option of getting out–it may not be easy, or pleasant to do so, but it may be necessary.You also have the power to change how you behave in the relationship, which may influence your partner’s actions in one way or another. (Consequences always come in to play!)

When you’re single, you also always have the option of pursuing relationships–again, it may not be easy and there may be much unpleasantness during the pursuit (like being rejected).

The bottom line is: you can have control over the most important person in your life–yourself.

Revel in that. Practice being in control. And, every now and then, practice giving some up, just so you can tell the difference.

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