Brief Thoughts Inspired by a Full Weekend

We preempt the previously scheduled sex talk to bring you the following set of semi-random thoughts brought about by a very full weekend filled with good times, good friends, and a surprising number of relationship discussions. (Also, sleep deprivation, I’m sure.)

We all make choices. Sometimes, we don’t quite think them through all the way. Regardless of intent, we’re stuck with what comes of them and have to make the best of the bad and really should enjoy the good.

Making the same choices time and again without changing often leads to the same patterns of call and response, which can very much lead to the same problems (or successes!) again and again.

People really, really do put a lot of thought into relationships… it’s not always good thought, coherent thought, or productive thought, but it does take up a considerable amount of brain processing power.

Know your triggers! If you know something sets you off–good or bad–either embrace it or avoid it. Don’t fall into it, get what you know you’re going to get, then complain about it.

If it works well, awesome… let others bask in the quiet beauty of your contentment and success.

There really is nothing quite like good banter. That easy flow of conversation that takes you from one topic to another to another–with an individual or group. It’s a sign of a good match of some sort.

Some things never change. Some things always do.

If you’re going to make a bad decision, do so knowing it’s a bad decision and that there will be a toll to pay down the road. But while on that road, enjoy every bit of the experience you can because the trip better be worth the price.

Self-knowledge is sexy.

There is always a path that leads to adventure and opportunity.

It’s not always about sex. It’s not always about love. It’s not always about anything. Every situation can be different because every person or group of people are different. Remember that.

Why yes, it was a very good weekend, and I’m curious where some of the threads braided into the tapestry of my life during it will lead.

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