A Spring in Your Step

May is right around the corner.

The weather looks like it might finally make up its mind and stay at least spring-like (though we’re looking at temps in the 80s here this weekend, so maybe we’ve skipped spring and gone straight to summer, after a brief stopover in late fall for the past week).

Around us, the world is coming alive. The trees and flowers are filling out, animals large and small abound, and all of our limbic systems are kicking into high gear–ready to fuel those primal urges that help us propagate the species.

They don’t call it “the lusty month of May” for nothing, y’know.

More often than not, those ideas can get traced to May Day’s roots in Beltane, an pre-Christian European celebration.

Every year, due to the specific proclivities of the season, I take things in a slightly different direction for a few posts. Mostly that leads to talking about sex in some way shape or form.

But this year, since I’m (theoretically speaking) posting more often than previous years, I’m going to try to throw in some discussion of ritual and tradition when it comes to our relationships (both real and imagined).

On this May Eve, I want to know from you:

  • What kind of traditions (secular or sacred) do you celebrate in your relationship? (Yes, anniversaries count–but so do more non-standard things, like baseball season openers and whatnot.)
  • How many of those play into your crushes and fantasies, too?
  • Sex: How important is it to a relationship?
  • Are your crushes more often fueled by more carnal desires or are they more family friendly than family creating?
  • Do you experience a seasonal ebb and flow to your flirtatious and/or physical nature? Does it sync up with the traditional cycle?

Regardless of how (or if) you celebrate, there’s no doubting that Spring is fully here and we’re just a stone’s throw from Summer, a time that brings with it a whole slew of other interpersonal and intrapersonal concerns. Not the least of which is how we’ve held up aesthetically over the winter months.

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