The Month Gone, the Month to Come

New monthly bit here. Just a quick note catching up and looking ahead. A kind of regular check and balance to make sure things are moving in some direction that vaguely resembles “forward.”

Looking Back

February was nowhere near as active a month here as I had planned (and January was pretty much non-existent).  A lot of things fell through the cracks and numerous other concerns grabbed my time. Not the least of which were the two major snowstorms that hit the DC area (where I live) and left me without power for the main weekend I had scheduled to work on everything.

There were a couple of posts that made it through, though. Most notably last week’s which brought out a few questions from those who regularly read here. But more on that in a minute.

Looking Ahead

Regularity is something that’s been lacking here a bit for a while. Once upon a time, you could count on a post at least every Wednesday with my Hump Day Crush bits. That kind of fell by the wayside. That won’t be happening any more. As of this week, you can expect something here every Wednesday. The goal will be for original content… since that’s what this is supposed to be about, anyway.

There should also be posts on Monday and Friday. That’s right, a three-posts-a-week plan. I’m going to try to keep that up until at least June and, if it’s going well, will without a doubt extend it through the rest of the year.

Some of that is going to depend on you, dear readers. I could go on and on for thousands (more) words about all the random relationship junk in my head, but I want this to be a more interactive experience. I want to hear your stories and answer your questions. In the very near future there’s going to be a new section on the website for handling that interaction. (It’s one of the things that got eaten by the snowy abyss that was February.) What you think matters here and your views on things help me refine mine all the more. For now, just use the contact form.

I’ll also be pointing at some other media out there–like the videos that have gone up in the past few weeks and the neat articles that I come across. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting things to share–videos, photos, articles, or entire websites. As long as they’re related to crushes or relationships, there’s a good chance I’ll share them here if I find them interesting (and with a promise to post three times a week, I may be finding a lot of stuff interesting…).

Speaking of such things, last week’s post about telling someone you’ve got a crush on them spurred a couple of expected questions: “Why bother telling them at all?” and “Why not just ask them out?” I’ll be dealing with both of those this week. So keep an eye out and I’ll try to answer anything else that comes up.

So that’s where we’ve been and where we’re headed. At least for the next month. Glad to have you along on the trip.

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