Hump Day Crush: Those First Moments

That first time she walks in through the door and catches your eye.

Maybe you’ve seen her before, she seems familiar, doesn’t she? Or maybe not. It makes no difference. This is the first time you’ve seen her quite… like… that.


Or at least as close as humanly possible. At least as far as you’re concerned. From across the room.

The light catches her hair as she smiles and talks with friends. (Did she just glance over at you?) You look away, grinning like a fool, but find your gaze drawn back again and again. (Wait, is she doing the same thing?) Try as you might, you can’t rid yourself of the grin or the drift in your attention.

She walks and you see how she moves. There is grace there.

Your mind rushes to fill the knowledge void with numerous details of her life. All, of course, fictional.

She must be brilliant. Or an artist. Maybe she’s on the executive track somewhere. Or maybe a teacher. You can’t choose just one, so you choose them all. She is a Renaissance Woman! She would have so much in common with you. Things would work out wonderfully… there would never be a dull moment in conversation. And she’d challenge you to keep up with her.

Your feel light headed. There’s a not unpleasant flutter in your chest and a not pleasant one in your gut.

What if you’re not good enough for her? What if she laughs at you? What if… what if…

No. Wait. Of course she’ll accept you. Look at her! Even now that she’s closer she still looks perfect. Now you can hear her voice, it sounds kind. And fun.

And so go those first moments. They may last actual moments or they may go on for hours, days, weeks, months or years. How? Because those moments of total imaginary facets of that “perfect woman” don’t end until you do something.

Those first moments are wonderful times full of creativity and imagination. They make you feel like you’re on top of the world (when they’re not making you doubt yourself, at least). They are one of the best parts of a fresh crush.

But they are only supposed to be moments. Stretch them out too long or never move forward at all and you miss the best part of a crush–the part where reality and fantasy mix.

That part starts when you do something.

That something is usually as simple as saying “Hi.”

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