6 + 6 Rules for Crushes

Every thing has some sort of rules to play by.

The problem is, none of us are handed a rule book when we’re born; let alone when we really need it–like when we’re teenagers. The only way to figure out the rules for something as tricky as a crush is by trial and error.

And, boy, do we err a lot when it comes to matters of the heart.

Here’s some rules that I’ve learned over the years.

The 6 Rules of Crushes

  1. Crushes aren’t relationships (at least not outside of your head).
  2. Don’t tell them you have a crush on them.
  3. Keep fantasy and reality separate.
  4. Remain optimistic while crushing on someone (it’s supposed to be at least a little fun).
  5. Don’t act until you’re ready to go all the way into a real relationship.
  6. Once you’re ready to go all the way, be ready to act when opportunity knocks.

The 6 (More) Rules of a Grown-up Crush

  1. Think, but don’t over think.
  2. Know the difference between “want” and “need.”
  3. Learn how to give of yourself.
  4. Find friendship first.
  5. Be willing to trade fantasy for reality.
  6. Above all else: Be honest.

Do those rules jive with what you’ve experienced? Do you have some that I’m missing?

I want to know.

  • dennis

    yes this is true.. 🙂

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