Love, Life, and Basejumping

How much adventure can you stand in your relationship?

Here’s a quick little video that focuses on two basejumpers, Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino. They tell a little of how they met and how their love of things other people hate keeps them pushing the limits.

That sort of life is a bit intense compared to what most of us live, but it shows a fearlessness that we can all learn from.

The biggest jumps most of us will make aren’t off buildings, but into relationships. And while that won’t send us sailing across landscapes at breakneck speeds, it can feel just as exciting… and be just as dangerous.

So, leap with your eyes open and be ready to deal with a tangle or two in your lines. Dangerous, indeed, but worth it.

  • anonymous

    <3 this story.  It is captures the essence quite well.  🙂

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