To All The Girls…

In case you’ve forgotten somewhere along the line, this whole project has grown from numerous events in my own life.

All the times I’ve loved and lost. All the crushes. All the comedic and tragic failures. All the sleepless nights spent worrying and planning and dreaming.

For better or worse, those experiences made me who I am today… and set the foundation for who I’ll be tomorrow.

None of that would’ve happened if I had never been surrounded by the people I have been.

Because of that, I can safely look back (and look around now) and thank each and every one of them (and you).

For those I’ve Loved, I still Love.

For those I’ve crushed on, whether they know it or not, they touched my life.

For those around now… well… we’ll see what the future brings. 🙂

Now, everyone, sing along to this classic from Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias:

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