Getting a Picture of Online Dating

First impressions count for a lot. If you’re meeting people online, there’s a good chance your profile picture is a hefty part of your first impression.

The crew over at OK Cupid (you know them–they’re a dating site and also one of the big producers of silly meme-quizzes) has dipped into their massive user-base and mined the data to answer some questions about what kinds of profile pictures work best for getting a response.

Keep in mind that while this deals with online dating (and specifically those who use OK Cupid, as opposed to other dating sites) some of the ideas put forth can be very useful in crafting your general online identity or your own profile on a dating site. It’s also got some other flaws (some of which are discussed in the comments of the article).

More importantly, it’s an interesting look at a handful of theories we’ve all tossed around every now and then.

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