Love, Life, and Basejumping

Tweet How much adventure can you stand in your relationship? Here’s a quick little video that focuses on two basejumpers, Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino. They tell a little of how they met and how their love of things other people hate keeps them pushing the limits. That sort of life is a bit intense […]

Rules in Relationships and Where They Come From

Tweet A friend of mine is currently reading through Joan Didon’s book Play It As It Lays. I haven’t read it myself, and I’m not really conversant in Didon’s work (I did remember she did the screenplay for the 70s version of A Star is Born and I remember seeing stuff about her 2005 book […]

4 Things You Can Do to Add Quality to Any Relationship

Tweet Over the years I’ve made a lot of mistakes in relationships. Over those same years, I’ve watched a lot of other people make a lot more. (Mostly because I wasn’t actually doing anything other than observing… hard to make mistakes of your own when you’re not participating.) From all that pain and suffering (plus […]

Better Relationships and a License to Love

Tweet Yesterday I picked up the bunch of personal development courses being offered by the crew over at I have not been disappointed in the quality of work they’ve pulled together from 25 different authors. (Check it out and get your own bunch.) There are three that have really stood out (so far), at […]

Rock Your Life – A Special Opportunity

Tweet This is a deal you’re going to want to jump on. As I mentioned in my last post, last year I was lucky enough to get in on the Only 72 sale that focused on online business. What I learned from that set of ebooks–and the people they connected me with–has been invaluable. This […]

Coming up Soon: Making Yourself Better

Tweet Last year I stumbled upon a pretty awesome sale that was going on. One of the email lists I was on posted a link to a place that was selling a couple dozen ebooks by a bunch of different authors, all about running online businesses and such. With minimal thought, I payed out the […]

A Self-Sustaining Core

Tweet In order to survive the worst a relationships–or lack of relationship–can throw at you, you need one thing above all else: A self-sustaining core. By that I mean you have to know yourself well enough to understand that things will be okay, that they’ll get better, and that, despite what your negative self may […]

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